Ross Patterson

Two Signs a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Is the Right Choice for You

If you're building a tennis court and don't know if you should get a real grass court or a synthetic grass one, here are some signs the latter could be the right choice. You only play tennis a few times a month because you're busy If you will only be playing on this tennis court a few times per month, due to how busy you are, then you'll probably find that a synthetic grass tennis court suits your lifestyle more than one with real grass. Read More 

How To Ensure Your Garden Does Not Overrun Your New Tennis Court

Tennis court construction can be a long and expensive procedure, but when it is finally done and you have the sporting luxury at your fingertips, it all feels worthwhile. There is only one problem: tennis courts need constant monitoring or they can degrade quite easily. This goes for all types of tennis court construction, from grass courts to hard surfaces. But how do you stop nature from reclaiming its territory? Here are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure that your tennis court stays looking great for years to come. Read More 

How to Assess a Used Outboard Motor

It can be hard for an inexperienced person to decide whether a given used outboard motor is sound or not. Such a person may end up passing over a good deal or paying more money than is necessary for a given outboard motor. This article discusses some tips which one can use to be certain that he or she is buying a used outboard motor which is in a good condition. Read More 

Ways You May be Causing Your Diesel Engine to Fail

If you own equipment with diesel engines, you know the importance of the maintenance on those engines. You understand that you could lose several hours to several days if the engines break down. What you may not know are the ways that you may be causing your diesel engines to break down. You may be doing things or ignoring tasks which could keep your engine running at the optimal levels. Here are a few of those tasks and what you need to do to avoid them: Read More 

Choosing the Best Waggler Float For Still-Water Fishing

When fishing in still water, waggler floats are easy to use and a good option regardless of the fishing conditions or fish you want to catch. They work well in wind and can be used to catch small fish close to the surface or larger fish in deeper waters. So what exactly are waggler floats, and how do you know what type to choose? Here's what you need to know about using waggler floats for still-water fishing: Read More