Ways You May be Causing Your Diesel Engine to Fail

If you own equipment with diesel engines, you know the importance of the maintenance on those engines. You understand that you could lose several hours to several days if the engines break down. What you may not know are the ways that you may be causing your diesel engines to break down. You may be doing things or ignoring tasks which could keep your engine running at the optimal levels. Here are a few of those tasks and what you need to do to avoid them:

Warming Up the Engine

One of the ways that you may be causing your diesel engine to break down is by not allowing your engine to warm up fully. You may not think this is vital to your engine operation or health, but the truth is it can make a huge difference to the entire diesel engine. When the engine is cold, the oil is thicker. This makes the engine work harder to push the oil through all the components of the engine. If you allow the engine to warm up properly, you can avoid this issue since the oil will be thinner and able to move through the components easily.

Changing the Oil Routinely

Most engine owners know that the oil needs to be changed on a routine basis. The issue is that you may think the oil is fine and can make it until the next time you check the fluid levels. The truth is, by doing this, you may be pushing dirty oil and debris through your engine. The oil may also not thin out during the engine warming process. This means you could be getting debris stuck in various aspects of the engine causing the engine to work overtime to push the oil and diesel as through. As this happens, it can cause the motor to burn out and lead to costly repairs.

Filter Changes

Whenever you take your vehicle to be serviced, one of the first things that will be mentioned by the mechanic is having the filter changed. Some people believe this is a sales gimmick, but the truth is if you aren't changing the filter in your engine routinely you could be causing it to burn out and break down. The filter is there to catch debris and keep the oil filtered and clean as it moves through the engine. If the filter is clogged then it slows down the working components and, like with other blockages, causes the motor to work overtime and overheat. Changing the filter when it becomes dirty, or on a simple routine basis, will help to maintain your engine and keep repair issues down.

By keeping these key tasks in mind, you can become better prepared to take care of your diesel engines. This will help cut down on the number of times you need diesel engine repairs. It will also help to reduce the costs of those repairs when you do need them.

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