Why It Is Crucial to Service Your Caravan Trailer Tyres Before Leaving for a Camping Trip

When planning for a camping trip, caravanners often give a lot of attention to servicing their SUVs at the expense of their caravan trailers. They often overlook that both the tow vehicle and the caravan trailer need to be in good working order to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. One of the crucial parts that must always be kept in roadworthy condition before caravanners can hit the road is the trailer tyres. 

Understand why it is so important to service your caravan trailer tyres prior to going for any camping trip.


Dragging a caravan trailer behind your SUV poses extra safety hazards when compared to solo-vehicle driving. This is because the driver will need to account for the extra length and weight of the entire vehicle assembly. A bad trailer tyre may compromise your safety and that of your caravanning buddies if it gets punctured or bursts during the trip. This is because you can easily lose control of the vehicle with your caravan trailer swaying dangerously behind you due poor weight distribution.

Good tyres keep you, your passengers and other motorists safe on the road, so be sure to service your trailer tyres before you start your journey.


You do not want your tyres to disappoint you when you are travelling to your camping destination. Such disappointments have a way of killing the excitement and dampening everyone's spirits. But that may be the reality that awaits you when you fail to check the condition of your trailer tyres prior to embarking on the camping expedition. The worst part is finding out that the spare tyre is also not in good working condition when you try to change the tyres. The surest way to ensure you are running on reliable trailer tyres is to make sure all the tyres, including the spare ones are serviced before the day of the camping trip.


Your trailer tyres require proper servicing to ensure that they keep running reliable for longer. By inspecting the tyres before leaving for any camping expedition, you will be able to reveal various defects, no matter how minor, before they can exacerbate over time and result in premature wear and tear. Proper servicing of your trailer tyres is a small investment that will go a long way to ensure that you remain safe on the road and enjoy a trouble-free trip, but also extend the lifespan of the tyres.